Police: Too early to call transgender woman's death a hate crime

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Police in Baltimore City are investigating the murder of a transgender woman.

"Kelly Young" was born "Rodney Little."

Early Wednesday morning police were called to a home in the 2200 block of Barclay Street for a report of a shooting.

Rescue crews found Young inside of the home; she died at the hospital.

She grew up along Pennsylvania Avenue in West Baltimore.  On Thursday her family and friends came together to remember her life and call for the killer to be brought to justice.

"She was a fun person, that's it.  She loved everybody, everybody loved her," said her mother, Velda Moore.

Not too many of the boys from the neighborhood joined the "Baltimore Go-Getters marching band, but Rodney Little did.

"We marched up and down Baltimore streets and she showed out, yes she did," said a friend, Tanya Eley.

Eventually Rodney Little began to identify herself as Kelly Young.

"The neighborhood embraced her -- boys and girls, straight or gay she was embraced," said her sister, Monique Mack.  "It wasn't always a smooth road but I will say it was more smooth than not."

"Everybody accepted her," her mother added.  "That's why everybody is here because everybody accepted her.  She kept it real."

Police don't know whether the murder had anything to do with her life as a transgender woman.

"It's too early in the investigation to call this a hate crime," said Sergeant Eric Kowalczyk, LGBT Liaison for the Baltimore City Police Department.

"This will not be swept under the rug," Mack said.  "I will hound.  It definitely will be dealt with."

"God knows whatever happened to her, God has them; they're going to regret whatever they did to her because she was loved," Eley said.

If you have any information about the murder of Kelly Young, you can call the Baltimore City Police Homicide Division at (410) 396-2100.



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