Police shoot fleeing suspect who tried to hit officer with car

BALTIMORE - Update: Police have identified the officer involved in the shooting as Officer Charles Feaster, 61, a 38 year veteran of the force that is assigned to the court liaison office. Police say he has no prior shooting incidents.


The helicopter flew in and sirens could be heard all over the area around Roslyn Avenue, not too far from Mondawmin mall.

A grey Honda turned into the 24 hundred block right outside of a daycare center followed by at least two police cars.

All the noise brought Arthur Paul out of his house.

 "Police pulled a gun out and told the man to lay on the ground he jumped on the ground and she jumped on him next thing you know the police came down the street and then the helicopter came they said he was trying to get away from something." Paul says.

The suspect, 25 year old Tavon Williams police say was trying to get away from a warrant for his arrest.

It started here about two miles away at the District Court building on Wabash Avenue.

City police say Williams was in court for one case when police noticed there was a failure to appear warrant for his arrest for another.

 "The suspect was apprehended placed in hand cuffs at some point the suspect was able to escape from the officer and flee the courthouse." City Police Homicide Chief Lieutenant Colonel Garnell Green says.

Lieutenant Colonel Green says Williams ran out the front door and across the parking lot to a grey Honda with officers and security on his heels.

Police say he then tried to get away.

"The suspect jumped into a vehicle backed up and tried to run the officer over in which time the officer fired at least three rounds hitting the suspect in the right arm." Lieutenant Colonel Green says.

Williams then managed to drive to Roslyn avenue leading police on a three mile chase through the Northwest side of town where he gave him self up just down from Arthur Paul's house.

 "It's real quiet real quiet street we don't have no noise around here must be the first time second time whatever but we never have no trouble around this neighborhood." Paul says.

Williams is in the hospital being treated for his wound.

City police say charges are pending

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