Baltimore police search for possible connection between two shootings on Reisterstown Road

BALTIMORE - Along the 4900 block of Reisterstown Rd. in northwest Baltimore, it looks like a typical summer morning.  The mini-mart is buzzing with people, but Wednesday they passed by two ominous markers: shirts on a fence that read “rest in peace.” 

"The life they live, they probably need to change," said April Lucas, a neighbor.  

Lucas lives close to the 4900 block of Reisterstown Rd.  That's where police said a man came into what's described as an "ethnic carryout" and shot two men on Wednesday just after midnight.  Police have not identified the business, but the China Dragon is the only establishment that fits the description.

"Sometimes in despair, we go to making decisions that aren't the best for our future," said Lexi Payne, co-founder, Keeping Youth out of Trouble.

We caught Payne and his son Kaleem while they were out doing business for their non-profit organization.

"When you're in a situation, you can't see your way clear.  So we just try to help in the best way that we can," said Payne.

Police have so far not identified the man who died nor the other victim who was injured.  They said it's too early to tell if the killing is retaliation for a shooting five blocks away, just two hours earlier.

A victim told police two men approached his car and shot him while parked along Reisterstown Road.  He survived.  That fear of revenge kept people in the neighborhood from going on camera, but they tell us the shootings are likely connected.

"The people just need to come together and be a family and stop trying to hurt one another," said Payne.

If you know something, you're asked to say something.  You can do so anonymously by calling homicide detectives: 410-396-2100.


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