Police: Mom helped hide the body in Turnage case


Baltimore City Police have charged the mother of one of the boys convicted of killing 13-year-old Monae Turnage.
Veronica Alford was charged Thursday with various offenses including obstructing and hindering, giving false statements to police and being an accessory after the shooting death.
According to court documents, Alford allegedly helped the two juveniles take Turnage's body out of the home where she had been shot and the hide her in an alley behind that home in an attempt to cover up what the boys had done. Police say her DNA was found on Turnage's body. 
Turnage was shot and killed in East Baltimore in March when the two boys accidentally fired a rifle while playing with hit. The bullet hit Turnage in the chest, killing her. 
Turnage's body was found by her brother in an alley, covered with garbage bags. 
Another man, Martinez Armstrong, who is the half brother of one of the boys, was also charged with being a felon in possession of the rifle that was used to kill Turnage. 
In early October, the State's Attorney decided not to press charges against Officer John Ward, who was involved with a relative of one of the juveniles at the time of the shooting, was accused of hiding the gun that was used in his car. Officials say the did not have enough evidence to pursue charges.
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