Police look for 3 men that robbed local UPS shop

BALTIMORE, Md. - Baltimore City police are looking for three men in connection to an armed robbery at a local UPS store Thursday night.

Officers responded to the UPS store at 6501 Quad Avenue for a reported armed robbery.  When they got there, they talked to a woman who was a supervisor for the store.

The woman said she saw three unknown men, two black males and one white, enter the facility through a back garage door and started removing electronics.  After confronting the men, she noticed a black gun in the pocket of one of the men and began to cooperate.

Another supervisor on the scene saw what was happening and tried to wrestle the gun away from the suspects and a "struggle ensued."  Eventually, the supervisor released his grip on the gun and fled to another area of the facility.  

At this point, the suspects proceeded to load the stolen goods into a silver sedan of an unidentified make and model.  The suspects then fled the scene in an unknown direction.

A crime lab responded and processed the scene.  The suspects were not wearing gloves and masks during the robbery, however investigating officers couldn't find any citywatch cameras around the facility, and the store didn't have video surveillance in place.

Detectives from the Citywide Robbery Unit are asking anyone with information to call 410-366-6341.

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