Police investigate three murders, multiple shootings after violent weekend

Three more murder investigations are underway in Baltimore after the violence of the weekend continued into Sunday.

Police say a man was found shot to death in the Curtis Bay neighborhood. His body was found in a field off of West Bay Avenue.

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They also found a man stabbed in the heart in the 600 block of Winston Avenue.

Cynthia Wilder says she'll never get used to hearing about the violence in her city.

"It's everywhere. It's everywhere. It's like nobody has an regards for anybody, black, white, young, old, they just don't care anymore," Wilder said.

She told ABC2 News she just keeps a close eye on her surroundings and her loved ones.

There have been two murders on her street in the past week.

The latest  was early Sunday morning. A man was found shot to death in the 1500 block of Gorsuch Avenue.

"It's a sadness that I get inside because I think it could have been mines. Because you know they have no name on them," Wilder said.

A woman who did not want to be identified says sometimes she is scared to even sit outside.

"I heard gunshots in front of my door and I was asleep on the couch with my kids and I'm nervous that it could happen again," she said.

Last weekend a man was killed inside of his home just a few blocks away.

The woman said, in her mind, there is only one way to escape the violence.

"I just got to find a way to get out and so I can change my situation so it could be a better community for  my children," she said. 

As of Sunday night, police had not yet identified any of the victims in the three murders from Sunday.


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