Phylicia Barnes death ruled a homicide

We are learning more about how Phylicia Barnes died. The autopsy results determine there was no accident.

"Phylicia Barnes was murdered. Someone caused her death and killed her," said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police spokesman.

Who killed her and how she died are still unanswered. The North Carolina teen visiting her sister in northwest Baltimore disappeared in late December.

Two weeks ago, her body was found near the Conowingo Dam in the Susquehanna River, over 50 miles from the city. A man's body was also found about four miles away, but police believe there is no connection between the two.

Phylicia's brother is not surprised that his younger sister was murdered.

"I'm pretty sure somebody did something to her in her apartment or around the apartment," said Bryan Barnes. "Everybody to me is a suspect, everybody. Whoever came in contact with her, whoever lives in that area, everybody who travels in the area. I mean it could be anybody," he said.

During the four-month investigation, no suspects have been named. Investigators aren't saying how close they are to an arrest.

But with a body and an autopsy report, they are one step closer to finding who killed the 16-year-old honor student who wanted to attend Towson University.

"It's a little bit of closure. I just pray that the police can use whatever evidence they found on her body or around or whatever the case may be to figure out what exactly may have happened and who took part in it," said Barnes.

The autopsy results come the same day that we are learning funeral arrangements for Phylicia Barnes. A private service is set for Saturday in Georgia. It can be viewed online at the Springfield Baptist Church's website.

A memorial service for Barnes will also be held in Baltimore on May 14th at Mount Pleasant Church.

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