One victim in Baltimore triple shooting dies

Witnesses say police arrived in the 3800 block of 8th Street in Brooklyn within a few minutes of the shooting after one of the victims ran to a nearby neighbor's house for help.
"I just heard, 'Who did it?'  He said something about five or seven gunshots," said Marcos Aguilar, one of the victims’ friends.
In addition to a wounded man in his early twenties, police discovered a 16-year-old girl who had been shot and 21-year-old Johniece Sheppard, who died at a local hospital within an hour of the triple shooting.
At this point, investigators believe a man entered the home, fired on the victims and then took off.
Within the last few hours, they have developed a possible suspect and say they do not believe this was a random act, but they still have their work cut out for them.
"At this time, we're not certain how many people were in the home,” said Det. Brandon Echevarria, a spokesman with Baltimore City police. “Detectives are still working this case.  Just to let you know, it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, so they're still on scene... talking to witnesses and trying to piece together exactly what happened last night."
"There are a lot of retaliation and gangs and stuff that's out here,” said a woman at the scene who simply goes by the name ‘Lexi’.
While she didn't know the victims, what is clear to Lexi is that violence has been escalating in this neighborhood in recent months.
"There are a lot of community beefs going on and people getting held up.  Wrong places.  Wrong places.  Wrong time."
"We just pray for the family,” added Aguilar, “(We) want justice.  It's unfortunate that it happened cause it's good people."
The triple shooting happened about 10:30 last night in Brooklyn, and if you saw anything or have any information, which could help with the case, you're asked to call the Baltimore City Police.

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