No injuries in police-involved shooting

BALTIMORE - An officer fired his gun at a man police say was robbing a restaurant at gunpoint on Sunday.

According to Baltimore City Police, the shots were fire at Italiano's restaurant, located in the 2200 block of Washington Boulevard in Southwest Baltimore.

A patrol officer was pulling into the restaurant parking lot when an employee ran outside screaming that the business was being robbed, district detectives say.

Police tell ABC2 News the officer ran inside and shots were fired, but it is unclear how many times.

Patrons were said to be inside the business at the time of the shooting, but no injuries were reported.

The suspect was able to run away after the officer failed to shoot him. Police say they were able to catch up to the man and detain him.

Investigators believe the unnamed suspect is linked to another robbery that happened around 12:30 p.m.

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