NIH researcher remembered for his music

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - The NIH researcher murdered outside of his northeast Baltimore home is being remembered for his music. Peter Marvit was left for dead, shot several times in the head and upper body.

While police look for his killer, and his family grieves, Marvit's extended family remembers the man through his music.

"We finished our rehearsal as we always do at ten o'clock on Monday nights, and a half hour later, Peter was dead," says friend Tom Hall.

30 minutes before he was killed, Hall was making music with Peter Marvit. Marvit a tenor, Hall the Music Director and Conductor with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society.

"When I stood on the podium and looked at the chorus and orchestra, Peter's was a face and a smile that stood out," he remembers.

Peter sang with the Choral Arts Society for five years.  It was outside of his musical life that the National Institutes of health researcher was gunned down outside of his home near Herring Run Park.

Professional colleagues know him as a great scientist and a great researcher we know him as a great friend and a great singer.  This was a guy you loved being around this was a guy who lit up the room when he came in.

Police believe Peter may have been the victim of a robbery, an upstanding citizen in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"We do hope that somebody comes forward.  We hope that the people who did this to Peter won't do it to anybody else," says Hall.

ABC2 brings you the sounds of the season from the Choral Arts each year.  This holiday season when you hear the melodious music one man's voice will be missing.

"The last piece that we sang that, that Peter san with us is the Carole of the Angel and so now he is with the angels," said Hall.

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