Fiance describes fatal shooting at salon

A relatively slow Monday afternoon at T&T Nails found just two customers seated at the back of the salon and 42-year-old Truc Thi Ly Nguyen giving one of them a pedicure.
Seconds later, one man and then another, burst through the front door.
"One man came and talked to them, and another man came in, got a gun from here and shot that guy," said Thanh Huynh, the salon’s manager.
In all, witnesses say the gunman, who has now been identified as 26-year-old Tremaine Washington fired about 10 shots striking his intended victim in the leg, back and stomach, while one of the stray bullets hit the nail technician in the head.
Fearing for his own life and that of his son and co-worker, Nguyen's boyfriend, Quang Ngoc Tran, knocked the gun from the shooter's hand and helped pin him down until police arrived 15 minutes later.
"And we held him... held him, and he told me, 'Oh I didn't shoot (her).  I shot that guy.  Please, leave me alone,' but we still held him," said Huynh.
You can still see the blood on Tran's pants where he then ran to his fiancee and cradled her in his lap until paramedics arrived.
"And I took her back her to hold her, and I held her here and the blood is coming out and I said, 'Please, sir, please.  Just tell the ambulance to hurry, because she's bleeding a lot,'" said Tran.
As Nguyen was being loaded in the ambulance, police held Tran at bay.
"I wanted to go with her to the hospital, but they wouldn't let me, because they told me I had to sit there and wait for the interview," he said.
Now, customers stop to share their sympathy with Nguyen's co-workers over her senseless death.
"A guy that's running from a guy… he could have run into any establishment down here so that could have really been anybody,” said a customer, “Brother” Reggie Shelton, “So it's really sad that it happened to this young guy's wife or fiancee."
A fiancee that came here for a better life that was snuffed out it a matter of seconds.
"She came here to survive,” said Tran, “She's innocent.  She didn't do anything, you know.  She tried the best she could, and we're here too."
Police took the victim's fiancee downtown and questioned him, as a witness, for two hours before letting him go.
Meanwhile, the alleged gunman, Tremaine Washington is being held tonight on a series of charges including first-degree murder.
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