Two boys, 12 & 13, charged with killing 13-year-old girl

Family doesn't believe police story

BALTIMORE - UPDATE: Two boys are charged with killing a 13-year-old girl in Northeast Baltimore.  The boys are 12 and 13-years-old.  

They face the juvenile version of involuntary manslaughter.

Detectives say the boys were playing with a rifle inside a home on Darley Avenue, when the gun went off.  Police say after that, the boys tried to hide the body outside of the home, under some trash bags.

"We feel as though they had time to think about what had happened, and what can I do to get rid of, dispose of the body so it looked like we didn't have anything to do with it.. So we don't feel that it was an accident," said Monae's aunt, Patricia Wright.


City police say a girl, found under a pile of trash, was shot.  13-year-old Monae Turnage was found around 6 p.m. Sunday night near Darley Park.

Family members say Turnage went skating Saturday night.  She never returned home.

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Investigators say Turnage was shot one time n the chest. 

Family Reaction |

She loved to dance, played lacrosse, was an excellent student and dreamed of some day being a pediatrician.

Monae Turnage had possibilities, any and all of which were unceremoniously dumped in an alley; her body discovered beneath trash bags this weekend.

"I was just screaming, I was just weak, sick.  I just wasn't thinking, I couldn't think.  To see my child, my child laying there." 

Mother Edith Turnage says it was her son that found Monae.

All her family would let her see was Monae's leg sticking out from underneath the trash bags, it would be her brother, Monae's uncle that saw her face.

"It is just hard to see your niece lying there and you know that she's dead.  All I could do is look but the anger and hurt hit me immediately," said David Wright.

A hurt that will linger for longer than this family can imagine.

After all, Monae was just roller skating this weekend.

She should have been home Saturday night, been in school today preparing to graduate to high school, then college, then who knows.

Monae was smart and her mother says she was going to do something big in this world, not end up lifeless in a Baltimore alley.

An image preventing her mother from sleeping or eating until she at least finds out what led up to the gunshot that killed her daughter and who pulled the trigger.

"I couldn't explain to you, really...I couldn't explain to you.  It was just so devastating to see her lying there like that.  It was just so crazy."

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