Money short to honor salon murder victim's wish to be buried in Vietnam

There are signs that Baltimore is rallying around the woman killed by a stray bullet inside an eastside hair and nail salon, and customers have already donated $2,000 to help return her body to her homeland, but Truc Thi Ly Nguyen's fiance has never felt so helpless.
"I'm really struggling and I have no money," said Quang Ngoc Tran.
This from the same man who knocked the handgun from the killer and held him for police after Truc was shot in the head.
But Tran's bravery in that moment has now given way to a sense of helplessness as he tries to give his would-be wife a proper send off. Tran said it would cost about $20,000 to send Truc's body back to Vietnam.
Tragically, Truc lost her father to cancer last year and she had been sending money back to her family to help pay off his outstanding medical bills.
While it was her wish to be buried next to him, it seems improbable now, and Tran says her mother and sisters may never get a chance to see her one last time or to say goodbye.
"They can't afford to fly here because they're very poor, very poor," he said.
Tran also remains frustrated by police who held him for questioning after the shooting even though he begged them to let him ride in the ambulance with his live-in girlfriend.
By the time he got to the hospital, he says she was dead and they had already removed her body.
In a written statement, today Baltimore City Police responded, "Our officers and detectives work to balance the empathy they have for victims and their families, with the need to protect both the crime scene and witnesses. 
"We must ensure that anyone who commits such a horrific crime is caught and successfully prosecuted so that another family isn't forced to endure the same trauma."
Tran says a police detective did return to the salon to give him a telephone number to help retrieve Truc's body, and for that he is much appreciative.
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