Man stabs woman on Greyhoud bus; screams he has AIDS

BALTIMORE - It all happened just before the Greyhound bus was about to pull into the terminal from a trip to Atlantic City.

Baltimore Police say the bus was on Russell Street near the casino site when a man returning from the bathroom just started repeatedly stabbing a woman passenger in the neck.

"At some point for reasons we don't fully understand the suspect attacked our victim in this case.  People on the bus were able to help out the victim, they were able to get the suspect off of the bus," Baltmore Police Lt. Eric Kowolczyk said.

Passengers got the suspect off the bus right at Bush Street, but not before he screamed he had AIDS.

According to police the driver locked the door called an ambulance which transported the victim to Shock Trauma in critical condition.

This all happened just a stone's throw from the bus' final destination at the Greyhound Terminal, exactly where the bus remains today.

Number 86178 is now parked in a corner with the sign ‘do not use' on the door.

Greyhound said in a statement "It is an unfortunate incident and we are doing everything we can to prevent something like this from happening again."

Greyhound was not specific about what those measures are, but say it is fully cooperating with police including handing over footage from this bus' drive cam if asked and passenger logs.

But Baltimore Police say they already have a good bead on the suspect.

"What we want to put out is that we know who the suspect is, we are tracking him down and we're fairly confident that our investigators are going to be able to make an arrest very soon," Kowolczyk said.

The victim in this case was traveling with a male companion who, with other passengers on the bus, was able to fight the suspect off.

Police say so far, witness statements form that Greyhound bus have been incredibly helpful.

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