Local leaders demand answers after gun was concealed inside a city police department

Police say Tyree Woodson shot and killed himself

Baltimore City police have not released any more information about the incident, but the shooting has local officials wondering how a high powered firearm could get inside a police station in the first place.

"It's unfortunate, but more importantly it's unacceptable," said City Councilman Brandon Scott.

Scott says there is no reason why 38-year-old Tyree Woodson should have been able to get a gun inside the Southwestern District Police Station when he was picked up Tuesday.  Officers brought Woodson in as a person of interest in an attempted murder shooting.

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"We cannot have folks that are we are suspecting of crimes in our police districts without being fully checked for weapons,” Scott said.  “Especially someone that's wanted for shooting someone."

And that's something the department's top brass can't answer.  They don't know if procedures were followed when Woodson was taken into custody.

"Our policy is clear. Whenever you transport an individual to the station it is imperative that for the officer's safety and for the safety of the individual being transported that we pat them down and make sure that they have no weapons," said Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez.

Woodson had a lengthy criminal history, and investigators say he was a very violent man with gang affiliations.  Officials say Woodson was in a holding cell for nearly four hours Tuesday before being escorted to the restroom. That's when police say Woodson fired one shot, killing himself inside the stall.

"We don't know how the weapon made its way into the police station, let alone into the bathroom, we will find that out, we do know that it was not our weapon," Rodriguez said.         

There are no metal detectors at the Southwestern District precinct, something Councilman Scott says should be standard at all city police departments.

"It puts the lives of officers in danger, it puts the lives of the civilians that work in the district in danger,” he said.  “At this point we just have to ask the tough questions, make sure the protocols are being in place and seeing what they need to make the districts safer moving forward."

Police say Woodson had been shot a few days ago and was wearing a type of medical shoe on his foot when he was questioned Tuesday.  The case is still under investigation.

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