Baltimore police crackdown ahead of holiday weekend

A pair of triple-shootings serve as an ominous precursor to what have proven to be violent Memorial Day weekends in Baltimore.
But city police Commissioner Anthony Batts says in addition to identifying suspects in those cases, officers have also targeted a pair of gangs that deal heroin in the city with 21 indictments.
"That's why we're being proactive taking off the Gucci Boys and taking off the Pennsylvanias and other violent repeat offenders that we have,” said Batts, “Those are the groupings that you have, but there's also smaller numbers that we've been taking off."
Batts says police also began serving outstanding warrants for violent offenders earlier this week, and they'll put more officers on the streets this weekend as families prepare to spend time outside for the holidays.
"You have very good weather," Batts said. "There are a lot of people out. We know that happens. We prepared here in Baltimore with our deployment.  We increased our deployment.  We know the focused areas that have been problematic over the years.  So we're putting extra resources out there."
In a show of force, Batts also joined with law enforcers from throughout the state to lay out their plans for what's expected to be a busy holiday out on the roads.
AAA Mid-Atlantic predicts more than three-quarters of a million Marylanders will be traveling over the weekend, and police will be looking for drunken, distracted and aggressive drivers, as well as enforcing the move over law.
"We are going to do everything we can not to allow someone to ruin their own lives or the lives of other folks that are travelling through our highways," said Assistant Chief of Police Bill Lowry of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
Overall, 89 percent of the people traveling this holiday weekend plan to drive to their destinations, and police are also encouraging them to plan ahead, make sure their vehicles are in good working order and to wear their seat belts so they can arrive alive.
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