Hampden woman says her dog was intentionally poisoned

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Police are investigating reports that a man tried to poison at least one dog in Hampden.

Late Saturday night Terri Galvan let her pit bull "Maddie" outside, in her fenced backyard.

All of a sudden, “Just like two minutes before I let her in, it got very quiet,” she said.

No barking, no noise at all -- because Maddie had gone to investigate four pieces of sausage that had been tossed over the fence into the yard.

“The dog was here with her head down eating, and then over here were two of the other sausages and then we had another one over here,” Galvan said.

Each piece of sausage had several tablets of Tylenol shoved inside.  Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, can cause severe liver and kidney damage, even death in dogs.

Maddie had eaten bits of the sausage, but not enough to make her sick.

People who live in Hampden have started a Facebook page -- documenting the incident and -- they say -- several similar incidents, none of which have been confirmed by Baltimore City Police.

At the "Howl" pet store on Chestnut Avenue, pet owners have been talking about it all day.

“People are pretty freaked out,” said Jennifer Wright, who works there.  “I mean there's a lot of pet owners in this area. \We have Wyman Park right there, so this is a dog-friendly neighborhood.  I know, I'm freaked out about it.  I have two dogs,” she said.

Terri Galvan said she actually saw the man who threw the tainted sausage into her yard; she, her boyfriend and her sister tried to chase him, but he got away.

She also says her sister called 911, twice that night -- and she says she called police again on Sunday, but she says no one ever came.

“Had they come out, they probably could have circled, went around, perhaps looked. I could have given them the description, find the guy maybe knock on some doors,” she said, adding that she hopes there is still a way to find the man who nearly killed her dog, before he can try again.

“Someone took the time to slice the sausage, put the Tylenol in the sausage, and then perhaps either already know the dog or scope out the dog, I'm not sure.  I think the man is sick.  I think he has issues,” she said.

A spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department told ABC2 News that they have not been able to find any record of the calls to police that Terri Galvan and her sister say they made on Saturday and Sunday.  They are investigating to try and find out why that might be.

They say animal cruelty allegations are taken seriously. They are also trying to determine exactly what happened at Galvan's home Saturday night and whether any of the other rumored incidents actually happened.

This Saturday at 2 p.m. people who live in Hampden have organized a walk starting at the Roosevelt Rec Center, to raise awareness and make sure people pay close attention to their dogs when they're outside.

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