Fourth murder in three years for Better Waverly carry out

BALTIMORE - Police say the most recent victim of the corner of East 29 Street and Greenmount Avenue is 52-year-old Freddy Jones Jr.

He was shot and killed in an attempted robbery inside the Yau Brothers Chinese Carry Out Monday evening just after 6:30.

If this sounds familiar, it is.

It was last April when 72-year-old Vietnam veteran Charles Bowman was killed in a similarly brutal shooting inside the carry out and similar still to the triple shooting and double murder that happened here in March the year before.

It is a violent pattern that can't be ignored.

"Absolutely. That is certainly something we're concerned about. I can tell you that last night we already had an increase in police activity in the area and we will continue to evaluate what we are doing in the area," said Baltimore Police Detective Jeremy Silbert.

If you add it all up this is now the third violent crime in as many years at this specific location, a hurdle for a neighborhood otherwise on the move.

[When you first heard Yau Brothers, what was your reaction?] "Not again, not again," said Ricky Herman.

Herman is a business owner and landlord in Better Waverly.

He just completed the renovation of a building on the corner of 31st and Greenmount last year and has filled it with two new businesses.

The repeated problems just a block down are the steps back with every step forward this community makes.

Many here calling for an end to the late night way Yau Brothers does business, or to close its doors all together.

"Because we don't want to see the violence here because that is not how we want to portray Waverly. We want it to be a community that is fighting through all this violence and we are going to succeed eventually," said Herman.

If not by opening the doors of new businesses, than by others lobbying to close old ones.

Police say it was three men who committed the attempted robbery and murder yesterday evening.

Detectives have only vague descriptions of the suspects.

If you know anything about this latest murder at Yau Baltimore City Police Homicide at 410-396-2100

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