Fan recovering; family wants answers

BALTIMORE - Matthew Fortese has an electric personality his family says.

He is a caring, wonderful and respectful young man, some of which his brother is starting to see again as Fortese begins his rehab from a critical head injury.

"It's coming back a little bit, slowly he is starting to understand things a little more, starting to ask questions, starting to recognize some people more, but then in the next breath he can say something totally off the wall that makes no sense," said his brother Jimmy.

Painful for his older brother to see from who was supposed to be the best man at his wedding in two months, but understandable.

Matthew suffered a pretty serious head injury that required emergency surgery.

Monday is just say two of his rehabilitation, finally out of Shock Trauma, but now headed down the long road of learning to walk and talk again.

"A lot of people have said it's a marathon, not a sprint.  Every day we just have to take it one day at a time and see what happens," said Jimmy Fortese.

No one will put a diagnosis on it, brain injuries are tough to predict and these next few months are key.

 It is why his family and their attorneys addressed the media today; thanking the public for its support, but also trying to gather more information from it.

Today attorneys retained by the Fortese family announced a new hotline in the hopes that more witnesses in the stands that May night will call 410.605.2976 with more details.

"I am not ruling anything in or out right now but I want to help this family and the best way to do that right now is just to gather as much information about what happened," said Attorney Andrew Alperstein.

More information to eventually build a case no doubt aimed at the two men arrested for the assault on Fortese; Michael Bell and Gregory Fleischman both in an effort to support Fortese and bring more awareness to what attorneys call fan on fan violence in ballparks across the country.

To that end, the Fortese family says the family of the Giants fan who was beaten two years ago at a Dodger game has reached out them.

Bryan Stow was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium Opening Day 2011; he too suffered serious brain injuries and just returned home a few days ago.

For more details on fundraisers for Matthew Fortese and how to help, go to

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