Family seeks legal advice following a deadly crash that started when an officer spotted erratic car

BALTIMORE - Darryl Smith came to see for himself.

"You don't have no compassion for what you just done but to jump out a car and run," said Smith.     

This is where his brother, Terrell, died around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

"My brother was with the community.  Anything that he could help you out with, he would do it," said Smith. 

The intersection of Lexington and Calhoun in West Baltimore is the focus.  The street is marked from the investigation.

A tree is down.  The fence around a city school is damaged, and what was a four-way stop is now only a three-way stop. We have not heard when it will be replaced.

A sign lays in the grass and cars are going right through, what the family and neighbors say could lead to more heartache.

Leonard Terry also knew Terrell Smith and one of the pedestrians who was injured.

Police say the driver of a blue Honda crashed into Smith's car and killed him, and also injured two people who were walking by.

"He was going to cross the street.  He looked and seen the police chasing the car.  He tried to hurry up and get out the street but by this time the car nipped him and knocked him over to the curb," said Terry.

Terry says he talked to his friend from his hospital room.  The investigation continues, but Baltimore police do not call it a chase.  High speed chases are against departmental policy.

On the phone, a spokesman says an officer in a marked cruiser spotted a car driving erratically.  Lights and a siren were turned on and then almost immediately turned off.

The Smith family got a similar story.

“It was an initial start-up, but then they say they backed off," said Darryl Smith. 

Not certain what to believe, the family is getting legal advice, while they are set to bury another son and brother.

"It's very important to me, as well as it's very important to my mother, because this is her second son.  Not the first.  This is her second son that she's got to bury.  And no one should have to bury their kid," said Darryl Smith. 

Terrell Smith leaves behind a three-year-old daughter.

If you want to help the family with funeral expenses, you are asked to send donations to Wylie Funeral Home:  638 N. Gilmore St. Baltimore, MD 21217.



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