Family of murdered transgender woman wants answers

Family of murdered transgender woman wants answers

Baltimore, MD - Sundra Trent takes a lot comfort these days in her garden.

When she moved here 14 years ago with her two sons she never intended to do a lot of yard work.

But her 11 year old Anthony urged her to plant flowers, and one plant grew into a yard full of flowers, chotzkies and wind chimes.

She says the garden is going to sleep now...including Anthony's favorite flower.

Anthony Trent changed her name to Tyra.

As a transgender person Sundra says Tyra found happiness.

She says Tyra was outgoing and had a lot of friends and enjoyed her life.
Sundra says Tyra was a trip but the joy of her life.

"I'd hear him a half a block a way coming down the street hi ma, ma, I miss him I miss him a lot a whole lot I just wish they could find who ever did this to him." Sundra Trent says.

Tyra Trent was found strangled last February in an abandoned home in the 33 hundred block of Virginia Avenue .

City police say they think that Tyra's body was dumped there and that the murder may have been committed somewhere else.

At this point they're still investigating but there are few leads.

"We know that there's someone out there at least one person if not more that have some sort information maybe you heard someone talking about this case maybe you remember back this year you heard something and we're asking people to please contact homicide detectives you don't have to leave your name you can be anonymous." City Police Spokesman Jeremy Silbert says.

Sundra says she's dreading the winter because the garden that she and Tyra both loved will be sleeping.

But she will put up her elaborate Xmas decorations because Tyra loved them so.

It will help her get through the holidays, her first without Tyra.

She just wants to know what happened to her baby.

"No one knows anything it's like he wasn't on this earth he was missing for a week but he wasn't dead for a week so he was out there somewhere there has to be some people who saw him and know more than they're saying." Trent says.

Anyone with any information please call Baltimore City Police or Metro Crime Stoppers.


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