Death of baby marks first homicide in City of Baltimore for 2013

29-yr-old arrested in infant's death

UPDATE | Police have arrested 29-year-old Francois Browne in connection with the death of 7-month-old Kendall Browne.

The first life taken this year in Baltimore city was not even a year old.

Police say it happened on Sagra Road, just off Loch Raven Boulevard in Northeast Baltimore on New Year's Eve.

The house belongs to the grandmother but it was another member of Kendall Browne's family police believe beat the infant so severe, he was brain dead and eventually declared dead yesterday.

Nobody was home when we knocked this afternoon; police too are still looking for their family member of interest with a first degree murder charge in tow.

But across town where the infant stayed with his mother and two siblings, there was no shortage of reaction.

"That is just sad, to find out something like this to such a young lady."

Eddie Rowley lives in the same Northwest Baltimore apartment complex as the mother.

He says he was friendly with her and would always see the kids playing on their bunk beds through the window.

Today's details were definitely shocking news.

"We were just wondering what was happening to her because nobody saw her around for a while, we knew she always worked and everything like that but it's just sad such a thing like this could happen to her family.  Our hearts will go out to her and her family," said Rowley.

And there is little doubt she'll need them.

The mother friends say, told them she left the baby with the father New Year's Eve and has since spent this New Year by Kendall's bed in the hospital trying to figure out why.

"They don't know what happened and they are running tests and everything and she had been there all week.  She really didn't go into any detail because she said she couldn't really talk but just that the baby was with the dad at the time and they are just trying to figure out what happened," said friend and landlord Kim Chambers.

Detectives seem to have a good idea of what happened at this point and exactly who they are looking for, we should know more once city police make the arrest of their suspect.

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