Community responds to 70-year-old woman being robbed

BALTIMORE - Police say surveillance video shows a 70-year-old woman blindsided, assaulted and robbed of her cell phone early Saturday morning around a home located at 15 South Stricker St. 

"The respect is gone nowadays," said Robert Smith, who lives nearby.    

Pastor Bryan Jones with Harvest Church & Ministries hands out food and clothing every Wednesday.  Helping people stand on their own two feet is his mission; curing the community of its crime is a dream.

Pastor Jones says he has staved off some attacks.

"Just by working around the church at night and just my presence, coming out of the door and seeing things happen," said Pastor Jones.     

But no one was around to help the woman, who police say was having trouble with her car and waiting to fix a tire.  She had no time to see the man lunging toward her.

"Everybody works for what they have, so if you want something you should just go out and get it by working for it not taking it, especially not an elderly woman.  She's defenseless," said Monique Bell, who lives on S. Stricker St.   

A sign up shows the community is protected by “Neighborhood Blockwatchers.”

It looks like many homeowners have installed their own security cameras that could help police capture the suspect.

Police think the man is known in the area around Union Square in Southwest Baltimore.

Meanwhile, there's no making sense of it, even for those who are supposed to have the answers.

"You just stay prayerful, and you know, try to do what we do on this corner, and that's be a light in a dark world," said Pastor Jones.     

Police have posted the video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, hoping someone recognizes the man before he attacks again.

The victim was injured but not seriously.

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