College worker charged in tuition theft

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - A Baltimore City Community College employee has been indicted on 13 various counts for her tole in the misappropriation for tuition payments.

Michelle Campbell of Waldorf, was charged with a continuing theft scheme involving her misappropriation of tuition payments by students in the school's Business and Continuing Education Department. 
Between February 26, 2010 through September 25, 2011, the time of the alleged thefts, Campbell held the position of administrative assistant at the school's Lombard Street campus. 
Part of her duties  included assisting students with registering for courses in the department, which is designed to allow the students to obtain certificates in certain job skills such as pharmacy technician, nursing assistants and teaching assistants. 
It is alleged that Campbell directed students to make payments directly to her in the form  of money orders, which she then deposited into her own account or cashed. 
Thinking they were registered, students completed the courses, however, College records reflected that the students had not paid for that course. School records show that Campbell entered notations in the school's database that the students had withdrawn from the class. 
The indictment alleges that Campbell obtained tuition payments in this manner from 12 students for a total theft of $7992.00. 
Arraignment is scheduled for February 20, 2013. 
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