City police arrest a man for breaking into a woman's home and stealing personal items

Thief steals woman's underwear

Baltimore City - A woman who lives in the 400 block of Lakewood Avenue in Baltimore City came home to find her back door had been forced open.

When she searched the house she found some items were missing.

Baltimore City Police Detective Nicole Monroe told us, "among the items taken were jewelry, money, and a pair of underwear."

If that wasn't bad enough you won't believe what police say happened next.

According to Monroe, "The woman started getting taunting text messages and pictures of her underwear and then she realized... She knew the person who was sending her the text messages. It was someone who she befriended and also the person who gave her the jewelry. "

Police say the woman contacted the man who was sending her the text messages and he agreed to meet her to give the personal items back.

When he showed up she wasn't alone. She had police with her and he was arrested.

35-year-old Manuel Loja is charged with burglary, destruction of property for breaking her back door, and theft of her money, jewelry, and her red thong underwear.

Neighbors we spoke with all seem to have the same reaction.

Cathy Silver told us, "That's the kind of people who are out there today. That's why we teach our children and grandchildren to watch who they talk to."

Rocquel Jones Agreed. "It should teach ladies to be safe and to be careful who they let into their house."

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