Child found safe after car theft

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Baltimore city police are looking for a car that was taken this morning outside a daycare that had a 7-year-old child still in it. 

Vernice Smith watched it happen in front of her daycare on Fairview Avenue  
"It's heart breaking."
Just after 7:30, a father was dropping off his younger child at the Children are a Blessing From Above Daycare Center. 
He left his car running with his seven-year-old son inside. 
When he came back out his car, his son was gone.
Fortunately, a few blocks away at Belle Vista and Hamilton his son was found on the sidewalk safe and sound but a little shaken up.
"Oh! That's right around the corner from me."
Robert Murphey lives in the neighborhood.
He was shocked to hear what happened, but not surprised.
"The neighborhood has changed a lot over the last 10 years."
Vernice tells me that she doesn't have a daycare sign in front of her house by design.
She doesn't want to draw attention to herself.
"We have sex offenders that live in the area."
"You can see the woods right across the street and i don't want them to know we may have kids here."
"It's sad that something like this had to happen."
"It's unfortunate."
"We are so grateful that the child is back with his parents and that God answered our prayers."
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