Jogger assaulted in Fells Point; Baltimore police to increase patrols


Known for its stunning views of the Inner Harbor, Fells Point was crowned one of America's top neighborhoods just last month by the American Planning Association. 

Now there's stunning news. 

"There was a woman who stopped me and said ‘oh did you hear about what happened this morning?'  And I hadn't, so she said ‘ just so you're aware there was an incident this morning,'" said Jacqueline Blysacz, who lives in Fells Point. 

Blysacz is running through ideas to stay safe.  She lives in Fells Point and runs several times a week, often alone.

"I'll probably have to go to the gym a little bit more often and go outside a little less," said Blysacz.  

City police say a woman in her 20's was out running sometime around between 5 - 7 a.m. Friday morning when a man armed with a knife pulled her into a dark area and raped her.  Detectives aren't giving the exact location, but they're saying it happened in Fells Point. 


"The good news is there was a lot of surveillance video in that area, a lot of businesses, a lot of residents that have surveillance networks.  So detectives have a lot of footage that they can comb through to possibly identify an attacker or even capture the incident," said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police spokesman.   

The president of Fells Prospect neighborhood association says after the details were posted online, a picture of a man popped up with multiple comments.

"From what we're being told by area residents, he's going up and knocking on people's doors and telling them that he just moved into the neighborhood with his aunt and uncle and he's asking for money," said Victor Corbin, president, Fells Prospect.  

The suspicion was forwarded to the police department as detectives work to identify a suspect.

Blysacz said she will now try to run during daylight hours or go with a running buddy. 

Detectives are working around the victim's time and emotions.  When she's ready to go back to the scene they may be able to collect more evidence.

All that we know about the suspect is he's an adult man, armed with a knife and possibly wearing a mask.

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