BPD Commissioner Batts witnesses NE shooting, arrests suspect

Responding police van crashes blocks from scene

Baltimore City Police Commissioner Batts witnessed a shooting in northeast Baltimore Saturday afternoon and apprehended the suspect.

According to Commissioner Batts, he and his executive protection unit were performing their routine community outreach work near Patterson Park when they saw a black man with a gun chasing another black man down the street.

"We got out of the vehicle, we confronted him, ordered him to drop the gun -- he in fact dropped the gun," Batts said. "We were able to handcuff him."

They then returned back to the victim, who had ran some 20-yards past their car, and found him suffering from a gunshot wound to his lower back.

"What I believed was going to occur was another fatal shooting," Batts added. "We were able to render aid and CPR to the victim, we called for paramedics to come out, we stopped the bleeding and got him into the wagon."

Police have not released identities or any further details at this time.

Check back with ABC2 for more on this developing story.

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