Barnes family refocuses on finding out what happened and why

Family to start new reward fund for info

BALTIMORE - A day later now and investigators are no closer to knowing how Phylicia Barnes ended up in the Susquehanna River or if the body of a male found four miles away is connected.

It is understandable knowing just how many questions there are to answer.

"We're now at stage one of a new phase of the investigation, a new phase. And so there is a lot of work now that needs to be done," said Baltimore Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld in a press conference Thursday night.

The very same goes for Barnes' family and they make the painful transition from looking, to mourning; from why.

"It's paramount. Closure is great for them and we are happy that they at least are not wondering where she is now but it is so important for us to find some resolution to this and to find the people that did this."

Emily Agueda is a family friend.

She skates with two of Barnes' cousins on the Charm City Roller girls.

The focus now she says is to continue raising money, no longer for Barnes' safe return but rather information leading to what happened.

The goal is to build on the two thousand dollar crime stoppers reward creating a financial incentive to solve the complicated and painful puzzle.

"Obviously we have a renewed effort and a new goal so we are checking in with everybody that expressed support before hoping that we can have a nice reward fund to advertise again," said Agueda.

The reward to find Phylicia grew to about 30 thousand dollars.

Barnes' high school donated 25 thousand of that money for her safe return. The school has now taken that money off the table leaving the fund depleted.

If you would like to donate to the family's new cause of finding out what happened to the North Carolina can do so at

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