Baltimore Police investigate deadly hit and run

BALTIMORE - Emerald Smith and Courtney Angeles grew up just one block apart but as best friends they did everything together.

Now linked in a tragic death leaving behind a heart breaking wake; mothers without daughters and sisters without siblings.

"She was my oldest," Emerald's mother said, "and I feel like an only child. I really do feel like an only child," sobbed her sister Destiny.

Police say Emerald and Courtney were killed at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Pratt Street.

Witnesses say the car was coming southbound when it hit the two girls, they were pronounced dead a short time later at Shock Trauma.

Within the hour, a Maryland Transportation Authority Police officer pulled over the car near BWI on an unrelated traffic citation, noticed the damage to the vehicle and the man and woman were questioned.

There are no charges yet but that could soon change.

"It takes time to reconstruct accidents and again we want to review witness statements, we want to see if there was maybe a camera in the area that could have captured the entire accident," said Baltimore Police Detective Jeremy Silbert .

The suspects are not in custody while the investigation continues, a standard formality in cases like these but the emotions of two Washington Village families are anything but.

"I hope they rot in jail, that's what I hope because they took two innocent lives," sobbed Courtney's older sister Stephanie Angeles.

An older sister struggling with the loss of Courtney; a block away a mother still dazed about the death of her daughter.

"I have so many emotions running through me right now. I'm in denial, I feel like I want to wake up from this and it hurts," said Emerald's mother Mary Kay Smith.

Both families say they will plan a vigil in the coming days for the girls.

In the meantime police say they will continue to work with the state's attorneys office to determine if the couple in the car will face any charges.

  View the third video to see the memorial that sprung up for the girls.

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