Baltimore man could face 20 years for murder

BALTIMORE CITY, Md: - A Baltimore man was convicted of murdering a man for possible disrespecting his girlfriend Wednesday. 

 Dominick Brooks, 26, could receive up to 20 years in prison for the crime. 

The incident occurred on May 22, 2012,  when Brooks, forced his way into an apartment on the 600 block of N. Carey Street in Harlem Park, and repeatedly shot the occupant, Sylvester Rodgers, in the body and face.

Brooks launched the attack shortly after hearing that Rodgers may have inappropriately touched his child’s mother, with whom Brooks was living at the time, on her buttocks. 

Thirty minutes later, Brooks placed a phone call to his other girlfriend, during which he confessed to the shooting and asked her to help him escape.

The woman refused to provide any assistance. When she declined to answer subsequent calls from Brooks, he left a voicemail message threatening her life.

Officers recovered a cell phone belonging to Brooks’ mother on the front steps of a vacant building just two doors away from the scene of the murder.

Facing a maximum of life plus 20 years in prison, Brooks is scheduled for sentencing on June 18.



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