Baltimore man accused of assaulting 2-week-old daughter


Whatever story 23 year old Andre Littlejohn told police didn't match the injuries to his two week old daughter.

"He claimed he didn't know how the two week old victim obtained these injuries but they were pretty serious in nature, pretty horrific to be honest with you," said Baltimore Police Spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.

The details don't need to be discussed here but physicians found broken bones, fractures and burns.

There was also evidence police say that may prove sexual abuse.

"It's really hard when you hear about very young children, infants being abused either physically or sexually.  I mean these are kids that have no capacity to understand what happened to them."

Adam Rosenberg with the Baltimore Child Abuse Center says while this case is incredibly hard to wrap your head around, about a third of all the cases they see involve victims from zero to six year old; about 400 kids each year.

It is a number that may startle you, but one experts believe falls short of the total scope of the problem.

"Unless a caregiver or a medical practitioner does what they are supposed to do, which in this case Sinai hospital did a great job notifying authorities when they had discovered abuse we don't generally find out about these because these are kids that don't know any better," said Rosenberg.

And that may include at least two more children in this West Baltimore case, both authorities say under the age of five.

Police say they too will be interviewed as they determine the entirety of Littlejohn's crime and whether or not he had other victims.

"It is still listed as an open investigation, we're gonna look into that, but at this point there is no evidence of assault to any of those other children from this suspect," said Guglielmi.

Meanwhile police say the mother in this case is fully cooperative and the other children have since been removed from the home.

As for Littlejohn, he remains in jail on charges of assault and child abuse.

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