Baltimore detectives canvassed a West Baltimore neighborhood in search of new leads

BALTIMORE - City police are working to solve a murder inside a woman's home in West Baltimore.

Back on May 31, 50-year-old Patricia Harwood was stabbed to death inside of her apartment on South Stockton Street.

Investigators believe she knew her attacker but they have few leads in the case.

“She was getting her life together, getting it back on track and I know she was talking about her kids and stuff like that,” said a friend, Tiffany Galloway.  “She was really good with the kids. She would give the kids her last frozen cups, candy and everything like that.”

Galloway said she saw Harwood just hours before her body was found. 

“I woke up one morning and the homicide was outside. Police was outside,” Galloway said.

One month later, police were back on Stockton Street.

“We're out here trying to generate support from the neighborhood to get some information and some leads to further her investigation,” said Det. Eric Ragland of the Baltimore City Police Department’s Homicide Unit.

Police knocked on doors and handed out fliers in the area, looking for anything that might help them.

“She was well-known in the neighborhood so we're hoping that we can generate enough information to bring this case to a close,” Ragland said.

Friends say they didn't know Patricia Harwood well enough to know who else might have been inside of her apartment back on May 31 but, “In order for her to open her door at that time of night, it had to be somebody she knew,” Galloway said.

Police are asking anyone with information on the murder of Patricia Harwood to call the Homicide Unit.

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