Baltimore city police officer sentenced to six months house arrest for misconduct

BALTIMORE - A Baltimore police officer will spend six months on house arrest and perform 300 hundred hours of community service for lying about a fake controlled narcotics purchase to get into a victim’s home.

Det. Adam A. Lewellen was sentenced to three years incarceration, with all but six months suspended, State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein said. He also is required to hand in his badge, Bernstein said.  

In March 2012, Lewellen lied about a fake controlled drug buy in an affidavit in support of an application for a search and seizure warrant. Lewellen then interfered with the ensuing investigation into his actions in June 2012.

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On March 27, Lewellen pleaded guilty to perjury in an affidavit and misconduct in office for obstructing and hindering an investigation.

“As this case demonstrates yet again, we will aggressively prosecute officers who violate the laws they swore to uphold and enforce,” Bernstein said in a news release.

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