Baltimore City Police Department investigating claims of excessive force used during arrests

Baltimore police are investigating accusations that officers took things too far Wednesday afternoon.  People who live in Gilmor Homes said police got violent, stomping on a man's head and using a Taser on a woman.

Gilmor Homes residents describe it as chaos.  Baltimore police say an officer responded to Presbury Street just before 2 p.m. Wednesday for alleged drug activity.  But during that arrest, people who live nearby said things got out of hand.

"It was about, I would say about 20 to 40 officers, and every police officer you saw here had Tasers and Mace," said Kevin Brown.

Juselle Short added, "They stopped him and they just jumped on him and it was a confrontation and then they started like tussling with each other and then the police started stomping his head on the ground."

Folks in the area started snapping pictures and taking video on their cell phones.  Officers said relatives approached and became confrontational.         

"They Tased a young lady,” said Short.  “They got her daughter, grabbed her, threw her down on the ground and she had a baby in her hand, the baby fell, like it was a mess."

According to investigators, the whole ordeal was captured on a city surveillance camera.  Witnesses said officers were using excessive force during the arrests.

"Any time that we hear from the community or we get word that there's allegation of serious misconduct, we will investigate and we will utilize our resources," said Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he was personally on the ground combing for witnesses, explaining video tapes don't always tell the whole story.

“While they were unhappy with the incident, they were very grateful and pleased that we were there and that we were willing to take their statements," he said.

But people who live at Gilmor Homes tell us incident's like this make it hard to trust police, fearing any interaction could turn brutal.

"When we see things like that, when they do things like that to people it just makes you not want to deal with them at all, it just makes you not even want to say hi to them, you know, you’re kind of intimidated by them even by their presence in the neighborhood," Short said.

Four adults were arrested Wednesday.  So far police have not released their names or if they have been charged.

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