At least 4 women assaulted in Baltimore, police searching for suspect

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Police are on the lookout for a man who they say sexually assaulted several women.

Police say the suspect approached at least four victims outside of their homes and forced them back inside at gunpoint.

It was once the suspect had the women inside of their homes that police report he sexually assaulted them and ran away.

"He does not appear to be discriminating along any lines.  They range in ages and time of day.  We're looking to see what similarities any of these women have together," said Sgt. Sarah Connolly, Baltimore police spokeswoman.    

At least one of the women assaulted was raped, according to police.

The sexual assaults have happened in multiple areas in the city, according to Sgt. Sarah Connolly.

"We need them to know this is happening.  We want other women to be aware of their surroundings and know that this is going on," Connolly explained.

The four incidents have happened in three different parts of the city over the last two weeks.  

One woman was assaulted in North Baltimore on Ramblewood Road. Another victim was assaulted on Stamford Road in Southwest.

The other two victims were reported to be assaulted in Northeast on Woodmont Avenue and Gunther Avenue.

ABC2 spoke to a man, who wants to remain anonymous, who said he heard a woman screaming Monday morning.  He opened his apartment door and the suspect fled.  

"She was approaching her door, and he just walked up on her and forced her in.  And he tried to get her to go into her apartment but she just wouldn't do it... and I heard her scream and that's when I opened my door and like I said maybe that's what scared him off," he said.    

Police say the man asked one victim if there was anyone inside.  They can't say if he's stalking women before the attacks.  

Detectives are asking anyone with information to call the Sex Offense Unit at 410-396-2076

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