Lawyer charged with sex offense

Alleged victim catered office holiday party

A prominent Baltimore attorney and the son of one of the longtime presidents of Ner Israel College and High School in Baltimore County is charged with a sexual offense.
According to charging documents, Isaac Neuberger, 66, allegedly walked into the men's restroom on the 27th floor of his law firm's building on South Street in downtown Baltimore and struck up a conversation with one of the waiters while both men were at neighboring urinals.
As both men went to wash their hands, Neuberger allegedly began instructing the victim on exercises to keep his abdomen in shape and proceeded to move his hand down the other man's waist to his inner thigh, brushing his crotch in the process.
The waiter reported it to his superiors with the catering company that handled the company party.
Neuberger now faces charges of second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sexual offense.
His attorney, Joshua Treem, had no comment except to say, "It didn't happen."
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