26 members of rival Cherry Hill gangs indicted on drug, racketeering charges

BALTIMORE, Md - Twenty six people prosecutors say are associated with rival gangs in the Cherry Hill area of Baltimore were indicted this month on federal drug and racketeering charges.

Court documents allege a dispute between two rival drug gangs resulted in three murders and two other shootings.

According to indictments unsealed Tuesday, 15 members of the "UDH" organization, which operates in the "Up the Hill" or "Up da Hill" area of Cherry Hill, are charged in a racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and oxycodone.

Six members of the Little Spelman organization, which operates in the "Down the Hill" section of Cherry Hill, were indicted in a separate racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute heroin, cocaine and marijuana, according to the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office.

The dispute between UDH and Little Spelman led to three murders and two additional shootings since 2011, according to the indictments. Court documents allege that UDH was also involved in a long-running dispute with the Coppin Court organization which also operates in the "Down the Hill" section of Cherry Hill.

Five other people are charged with conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine and heroin. All 26 people face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The names and associated organization of those indicted are as follows:

UDH Indictment

  • Steven Jackson, a/k/a Cutty, age 23, of Baltimore
  • Eugene Anderson, a/k/a Petey, age 36, of Baltimore
  • Asim Benns, a/k/a Seem, age 30, of Baltimore
  • Ronald Hall, a/k/a JJ, age 37, of Baltimore
  • Delano Johnson, a/k/a Lano, age 36, of Baltimore
  • Tony Johnson, a/k/a Tony Mack, age 29, of Baltimore
  • Rashaud Kearney, a/k/a TT, age 20, of Baltimore
  • Russell Lumpkins, a/k/a Mr. Man, age 26, of Baltimore
  • Demond Pinkney, a/k/a Cal, age 28, of Baltimore
  • Clarence Shipley, a/k/a Mook, age 26, of Baltimore
  • Gregory Sykes-Bey, age 20, of Baltimore
  • Bryan Turner, a/k/a BT, age 28, of Baltimore
  • Antione White, a/k/a Twan, age 25, of Baltimore

Little Spelman Indictment

  • Davon Martin, a/k/a Ack and Black, age 25, of Baltimore
  • Brian Parker, a/k/a ES, age 35, of Baltimore
  • Shaquan Robinson, a/k/a Quanny, age 22, of Baltimore
  • Richard Williams, a/k/a Wis, age 22, of Baltimore

Third Indictment

  • Danna Fraser, a/k/a Stroke, age 25, of Baltimore
  • Ernest Thomas, a/k/a EJ, age 25, of Baltimore
  • Melvin Truesdale, a/k/a MJ, age 20, of Baltimore
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