2 murders, one week, same street in Northeast Baltimore


Homicide detectives were back out, in and around the three thousand block of Chesterfield Avenue this morning while patrol officers stood in front of the house where the latest life was taken guarding a lone bullet casing to be retrieved for evidence.

It is a sight not exactly foreign to long-time homeowners here.

"Times have changed you know?  My opinion, and I hope nobody takes this wrong, it has a lot to do with drugs you know," said resident Joseph Carwell.

And that is about all police do know.

Sunday night's homicide was about a drug deal and detectives believe they are looking for a pair of suspects.

Another case opens on Chesterfield Avenue as police still look to close the murder just on the other side ofBelair Road.

National Institutes of Health researcher Peter Marvit was killed last week, a victim of robbery police said, but still have no leads.

Two murders within one week on either side of a road one city councilman says is the problem.

"If you talk to officers in northeast, if you talk to community people, Belair Road drives the crime in northeast district.  If you handle Belair Road, you handle northeast district."

Councilman Brandon Scott represents the area and says while violent crime in the northeast district is down by about 20 percent so far this year, the area is still woefully undermanned.

"We have a 29 percent reduction in homicide in Northeast Baltimore but that a testament to our wonderful command, our great officers and the connection with the community that they have basically turning water into wine everyday but we can't expect that from them," said Scott.

In the short run, Scott wants to see more police monitor Belair Road and long term, more officers added  to the district to create more posts; an issue already brought up to incoming police commissioner Anthony Batts.

Either or both ideas have the full support of residents.

"Yeah, I mean I am for the best of the neighborhood.  Whatever they think they have to do, I'm all for it," saidCarwell.

In a show of solidarity, that neighborhood is planning to gather in Herring Run Park at Belair Road and Chesterfield to watch the Ravens game Thursday night on an outdoor screen.

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