16 year-old murdered, found in street


At 16 we make mistakes, we flirt with the wrong path but on Sunday night at ten o'clock, 16 year-old AhjeeHarrod found herself too far down that road before turning around and coming home.

"She comes from a loving family, her mother prayed, cried, everything you can possibly due but sometimes little girls get lost out here in the world.  Prayerfully they come back home.  She didn't make it back home," said her cousin.

Harrod's cousin who would rather remain off camera tells us the teen left her home on East Federal Street in March.

Harrod's mother filed a missing persons report but she wasn't really missing, popping up and staying with family from time to time around the city.

They say they were losing her, police say Harrod was arrested multiple times in the past and was developing a juvenile record; deeper down that wrong road she went ignoring the pleas from those who loved her most.

"We tried to protect her from that.  This is a big, mean cruel world but unfortunately, she's gone," her cousin said.

But police only know how, a gunshot wound to the head, her body found lying in the middle of Fairlawn Avenue in Northwest Baltimore next to her purse and phone.

The latter fact rules out robbery, but opens a host of other questions for detectives.

"We want the facts to unfold for themselves, so like I said, robbery definitely believe is not a motive, but we just don't know," said Baltimore Detective Donny Moses.

 Neither does her family who mourns the loss of a life not realized.

"This was somebody's sister, somebody's daughter, somebody's niece, somebody's cousin, somebody's big cousin.  She was loved, all over this city at the age of 16 so just imagine that power if she would have made it."

Police have very little evidence to go on in this case, if you know anything about what happened to Harrod call Baltimore homicide at 410.396.2100.

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