Woman pleads in animal cruelty case


A woman charged with 140 counts of animal cruelty has entered an Alford Plea. 
During a 2011 raid, Animal Control officers removed 69 cats from the Cool Cats Rescue Center in Severna Park. Two cats were dead and of the other 67, all had fleas and ear mites and the majority of them had upper respiratory problems and many had eye infections. 
Deanna Lusko, who owned the rescue, entered an Alford Plea yesterday. her plea was to 10 counts only, 5 counts of causing unnecessary pain and suffering and 5 counts of failing to provide necessary veterinary care. 
A judge sentenced Lusko to 90 days on each of the 10 counts and ran all 10 counts consecutively. The judge suspended all of the jail time so that she will not serve any time. 
Lusko was also placed on probation for 5 years during which time she may not own, possess, care for, rescue any animals and she must engage in mental health treatment. She was also fined $2,000. 
An Alford Pleas has no difference than a guilty plea, but allows the defendant to maintain her innocence while admitting the State can prove guilt. 
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