Police: "Woman tried to hire hit man"

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Forty-seven-year-old Cynthia Lisa Mills wanted her lover's wife dead, an Anne Arundel County Police investigation reveals.

She and her lover Wendell Mansel wanted his wife dead so much that they pooled their money together to hire a hit man—who just happened to be an undercover police officer.

Mills turned herself in to Anne Arundel County Police on January 11 after the Homicide Unit issued an arrest warrant.  She is charged with conspiracy to commit 1 st degree murder, solicitation of murder and attempted 1 st degree murder.

Police said Mansel was arrested by the Leesburg, Va. police in August 2012 in a murder-for-hire-plot. In the plot, Mansel tried to hire an undercover police officer to kill his wife. 

The investigation continued after his arrest and revealed that Mansel was having an affair with Cynthia Mills of Annapolis.

Homicide detectives from Anne Arundel County and investigators from the Commonwealth of Virginia interviewed Mills over the course of the follow-up investigation.

They learned she helped in the planning and provided money to help pay to the undercover police officer who posed as the "hit man".  The money exchange occurred within Anne Arundel County.  

Mills is being held without bond.

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