Annapolis woman attacked outside her tent, tells police she knew her attacker

The place a woman called home turned into a crime scene Tuesday shortly before 2 a.m. 
After getting the call, emergency crews worked their way through the wooded area next to the College Creek Bridge in Annapolis. When they got there, they found the woman suffering from some serious injuries. 
The woman told officers she knows the man responsible. 
"They started a conversation but then he began assaulting her. He punched her, he kicked her, causing significant injuries and then she reported he sexually assaulted her," Cpl. Amy Miguez, a spokeswoman for the Annapolis Police Department, said.
Investigators believe the woman's attacker frequents the area but aren't sure if he lives there as well. 
"Theres several tents in that area, the wooded area off of Route Boulevard by the College Creek Bridge and theres a few homeless people that live back there. It's not an area where we get a lot of phone calls. It's not an area where there's usually any problem," Miquez told ABC2. 
While police work to track their suspect down, they say they can't be sure if he still poses a threat.
"Anytime someone does something this violent, theres always a chance that they'll do it again but we're looking to locate him as soon as possible and arrest him," Miquez said. 

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