Victim hit & killed after surviving initial crash on I-97

MILLERSVILLE, Md. - Ejected from his street sweeper that had flipped over along I-97, for a matter of seconds, Wilmer Borgmann, III escaped death.

But as the 50-year old Millersville man rose to his feet in a southbound lane of the highway, a vehicle sealed his fate, and the driver just kept going.

Borgmann's family is now balancing its grief over his death with the fact that the motorist didn't stop.

"It's been difficult I think for our family to know that he survived the initial accident when he was ejected from the vehicle and that someone hit him and clearly, from what we understand, knew that he was on the hood of their car for about 200 feet and that he died in such a tragic way," said Borgmann's niece, Jennifer Nagy.

"We're just praying, the family, that we can have some closure and that this person finds it in their heart to come forward so we can have some closure," added the victim's sister, Donna Rogers.

Ironically, Borgmann, or "Johnny" as his friends called him, died a short distance from his home and the circle of people he had grown closest to.

An avid Ravens and Orioles fan, his sister describes him as a big-hearted person that made the world a better place.

"He was never married... never had children, but he was kind, feeling, generous... and we were very, very close," said Rogers.

Maryland State Police say after the vehicle struck Borgmann, it appears it may have had to stop to dislodge his body from the hood, and the only obvious evidence at this point is a window wiper that was discovered at the scene.

"It was about 3:30 in the morning so maybe they were scared because they had been drinking or who knows why?  Fear can make us do a lot of strange things," said Nagy, "I would think it's weighing heavy on their heart knowing what happened and hopefully it gives them the courage to come forward."

The driver of the street sweeper that Borgman was riding in, 31-year old Scott Olezak, also was ejected when it flipped over.

Paramedics transported him to Shock Trauma.

Borgmann's family says he suffered a collapsed lung and had to have his spleen removed, but he's expected to survive.

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