Victim cut in struggle for his wallet

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - The disabled victim's ground floor unit backs up to the woods at the Bay Ridge Gardens Apartments in Annapolis concealed from the road, but also out of the sight of the complex's security cameras.

"I've only been around here for a short time," said Tarsha Wilson, one of the victim's neighbors, "but I've noticed there have been several assaults over here on this side so maybe they should open this fence back up.  They close it.  I think it was because of the drugs, but it doesn't do any good because they sell drugs anyway."

On closer inspection, a large hole in the fence and a worn path lead to the victim's back door.

It's the same door that was unlocked when an armed robber invaded his home Friday night demanding money.

"The victim kind of struggled with the subject," said Det. Amy Miguez of the Annapolis Police Department, "The guy started going in his pockets and looking for his wallet so the victim started struggling with him.  The suspect had a knife and the victim unfortunately was cut in the hand when he was struggling with the suspect."

The victim's neighbors say the elderly man is diabetic and one of his few joys is sitting outside watching the world pass by, but in an area frequented by addicts, his prescription medicine may have also made him a target.

"He sits on that porch.  He's disabled.  He gets like Percocet and stuff," said Wilson, "So that's what I heard... I heard somebody stole his Percocet."

The robber made off with the victim's wallet and has not been seen since.

His neighbors say this is the second time he's been assaulted.

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