Vending machine thief knew his way around school

You can see it all on surveillance video. The suspect parks his car and walks toward the school. Once he's in, he heads straight for the cafeteria. 
"It's pretty scary actually but I have no idea how they got in. I thought the security system was pretty good but anything can happen," said Matt Adams, a senior at North County High School.  
Police say the doors at both North County and Chesapeake High Schools, where the suspect hit one after the other on Friday, March 21, are locked. Police say the male suspect waited at the door for somebody to come out. 
"I know the school has been doing different things to pump up the security and it's just a shame that this still happens but hopefully they'll know who this is and they can find out," Bill Martel, a parent to a North County High School student, said.
"I guess it's a concern this day in age, the way things are. I mean, what happened at Stevenson University the other day, you just never know. So it is a concern but I don't feel that the school is unsafe just for that reason but I mean, I don't know how you stop it,"Cindy Hudson, another parent, said. 
Police say they don't have any concerns that the thief is up to anything other than stealing.
Although both schools were already dismissed, there were still students coming in and out for extra-curricular activities.
The suspect description isn't very detailed but it includes a Pepsi NASCAR style jacket.
"It's a very unique jacket, whether he throws it away now or not, somebody knows he has that jacket and has been wearing that jacket." Lt. T.J. Smith, with the Anne Arundel County Police Department, said. 
Police also noticed he seemed to know exactly where he was going. 
"It didn't look like he was trying to find his way around the school so we're looking into those possibilities,whether he could have potentially worked for a company before that serviced the school," Lt. Smith said. 
There are school resource officers at the school during the school day.
Representatives with Anne Arundel County Public Schools say they are working closely with police on this case. 
Call detectives at 410-222-6145 if you have any information.


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