Vandalism rash in Crofton, Gambrills

CROFTON, Md. - It's been hard not to notice in the quiet subdivision of Charing Cross in Crofton.

Just beyond the manicured lawns and well-kept gardens, a persistent and surprising problem.

"My van got broken into, nothing was stolen but my windows were smashed.  Somebody tried to steal another neighbor's car across the street and another poor lady had all four of her tires and rims stolen."

And that was just on Lisa Johnston-Boyron's small little court.

On other nearby streets there's been the same kind of vandalism plus throwing landscape rocks through home windows, all under the cover of night…all of it rattling nerves.

"Yeah, it is really upsetting.  It is," said Johnston-Boyron.

A lot of the nearby subdivisions like Charing Cross, Crofton Meadows, Chapman Farms, they've all been hit pretty hard; about 40 incidents Anne Arundel County Police say within just a month. 

It is enough for many neighbors to start thinking about forming a neighborhood watch community if they haven't already.

"This is a huge problem.  We're trying to make sure the public is aware of it and know that it is going on in their communities."

Lieutenant TJ Smith says this rash of vandalism is a big concern and the department has put out extra patrols, but that quite honestly can only do so much.

Anne Arundel County is hoping to tap into the vigilance of the residents to help catch the person or group.

"We're asking any residents if they have surveillance video outside their home to review it, help their neighbors out, keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious in your neighborhood because you know what's suspicious," Smith said.

Advice Lisa and her neighbors plan on taking because while no one is getting hurt in these crimes, property theft and vandalism at this clip is a problem; one that in Crofton is banding together blocks and neighbors.

"We talked about it the day after a couple cars got broken into and everyone was just so upset about it and we started talking about taking turns, shifts and kind of watching out." 

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