Two kids rescued from a sailboat, parents charged

SEVERNA PARK, Md. - People who live on the banks of the Magothy wondered why a sailboat was anchored down day after day.  Their calls to investigators got two children to safety.

We got a look at the sailboat from the Manhattan Beach Community in Severna Park.  It is separate from the Magothy Marina.

The Coast Guard and Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police say three adults, two children, and two dogs were found on the boat living in what investigators call deplorable conditions.

"The marine toilet didn't function in an ideal fashion, so without being too graphic there was fecal matter on the boat, on tissues.  And the dogs didn't have any place to get off the boat.  So the dogs had to use the bathroom on the boat," said Lt. Beth Mauk, MD Natural Resources Police spokeswoman.    

Last Friday, Valentine's Day, the two kids, ages 13 and 14 were taken by Child Protective Services.  Their parents, John and Sherri Kelly, were arrested.  They face several charges, including second degree child abuse, which is a felony.

It is the second time investigators rescued this family.  On January 28th, the same family of five was stranded off Poplar Island on the Chesapeake Bay.  They called for help and told investigators they did not have sufficient heat and their rudder was broken. 

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