Two teens beaten, robbed in a Severn park

SEVERN, Md. - It was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; the right place would have been in school.

Anne Arundel County Police two 15 year-olds cut high school yesterday and were hanging out in Provinces Park in Severn.

It was still the morning when two other students, also cutting school beat and robbed the first two with one victim having to go to the hospital.

"The two victims in this case apparently were students, they were truant...left the grounds that day.  Nothing good happens after midnight and in a case like this when you should be in school and you're not," said Anne Arundel County Police Spokesperson Justin Mulcahy.

Still, what is most concerning in this case is where the suspected teen got the gun used in this armed robbery.

Police should soon figure that out as they were able to arrest two suspects of the same age that are now charged as adults with armed robbery and assault.

But what is not a clear case is what happened on Jumpers Hole Road near Mountain Road Thursday afternoon.

There a woman claimed she was distributing flyers advertising her business around three o'clock when a man assaulted her and attempted to grab her purse.

The woman struggled as the suspect reportedly pulled out a steak knife and stabbed her several times.

The victim says she was able to get away and drover herself to a nearby hospital where the crime was reported.

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