Police fire on luxury car thief in Hanover heist

A high-stakes crime at a high-end luxury car dealership in Hanover paid off big for the thieves who made off with a red 2005 Corvette and a silver 2007 Mercedes C-L 550.
"I think they are a professional gang involved choosing the nice cars," said Emill Molavi, the owner of Baltimore Washington Auto Outlet.
Surveillance video bears out the pair of thieves certainly knew what they were doing.
Once they smashed the glass on an exterior door to gain entry, it only took a matter of seconds to smash a second door and to break into a large, metal key box.
At this point, they would have had to single out the two keys they needed from dozens, all while the burglar alarm was sounding.
Even with officers on the way, they took their time, more than five minutes, sorting through plenty of other items to pull off future thefts.
"It's missing a lot of documentation, a lot of titles, a lot of information that belonged to the customers,” said Molavi. “And they told me there's a couple of keys involved, stealing more like about 20 keys."
Once they left the building, it took the robbers less than 30 seconds to go jump into the Corvette and the Mercedes and to drive away.
The Corvette wouldn't get far though, because it appears its gas tank was on empty, and the suspect must have pulled into the 24-hour gas station next door to fill up when officers caught up with him.
"At some point, one of the suspects in this vehicle, the driver, drove the vehicle toward one of the officers who was outside of his vehicle,” said Justin Mulcahy, spokesman for the Anne Arundel County Police Department. “A second officer, fearing for their safety and fearing that the officer's life was in jeopardy fired at that vehicle."
It's unclear if the suspect was wounded in the shooting, but he got away and the Corvette was last seen heading southbound on Interstate 295.
Investigators later discovered a 2013 Volvo XL90 the thieves may have used to get to the dealership, but it was reported stolen from Howard County.
If you have any information, which could help in this case, you can call the Anne Arundel County Police.
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